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September 07, 2008



Funny enough I agree with almost all of what you said. Maybe YOU should run for office? ;)


HOLY SMOKES! I could have typed much of that myself. I agree whole-heartedly with you!! I for one, do NOT follow US politics (well, some I guess - it's SO in-your-face, it's impossible to avoid entirely). . . it's the one thing that sends many of us Canadians scrambling to turn the channel as fast as we can. We too have a federal election (it was called this morning!) coming up in October, and I too will be in the same boat as you, trying to figure it out.

Angela Poe

I have your belief system 100%... to the letter. It's one of the reason's I get cranky that the parental units keep bringing up politics with me and spouting things like "baby killer" this and that. Yes, I am Pro-Life but I'm Pro-Choice as well. Pro-Life for ME but that is my right to choose so. *shrug* I hate politics.


I seriously can't be your friend anymore. You suck.


I think that there is NEVER a politician that meets our belief system 100% so you have to go with the one that meets it MOSTLY. And I'm a Christian with more liberal leaning views, too. Sort of. LOL Definitely less fundie than most.


Cracks me up that you think your opinion would drive people away. IMO, if they don't like someone's opinions, they shouldn't read their blog! :)

That said-
You know where I agree and you know where I disagree. I don't know if it still surprises you that we agree as much as we do! lol Hate the lesser of two evils thing, but unfortunately, I have yet to find a candidate with whom I agree on everything, doubt I ever will. Politicians are so ridiculously out of touch anyway, they live in their own little world playing their own little games and calling "look at me-I'm the best!" over and over. Kind of reminds me of high school a bit...


I dig political posts, although I think there are a few things on which you believe that I think you should get a swift kick in the head, I appreciate your candor, and your well written explanations. I will debate with the best of them, unfortunately people don't understand a good debate or friendship. A good debate should never affect a friendship, if it does, the friendship is shallow at best. A true friend is someone who thinks your are as dumb as a box of rocks, and doesn't care and still loves you.

....point is, I love you but on some points, you are dumb as a box of rocks.


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