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August 04, 2009



I'm so happy to see you BLOGGING again! Count me in on the chaos of having 4 at home. No time for anything! VT is in my prayers ... and yuck on the camping; hope you guys have fun though!


HEY!!! I've missed your blog.

I hear you on the whole "misrepresentation"....did you read "Keeping Up Appearances?" I know how hard it is when so many do so much. We save up and get to do a few cool things, but only as perks for DH's job. But, going to water parks and zoos and all the "fun" stuff that costs money? Nope...only every now and then. It is expensive putting kids in school.

Love ya!

PS...I totally echo Lisa's sentiments on camping.


I totally understand the 4 kids at home deal. My only reprive comes when ONE of them returns to school. Fortunately, the older two who remain are self sufficient and help with the 3 yr old. ;-)

I hope everything goes the way you want it to, regarding returning to the states!


Well you know i only had only 3 home all summer and I too felt mentally and phyically drained I have NO idea how you and other moms do it with more then 3. ;)

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