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August 05, 2009



I have had this happen. It makes one kind of "gunshy" when it comes to connecting with bloggers. I feel like I'm just in a totally different "League" if you will. All I have to say, and it sounds not only trite but can be kinda rude too...is Karma, baby. Karma will bite her in the ass.


Oh wow Dawn...that's really interesting. I am pretty sure I know who you are talking about. I am surprised but also not really. I wonder if the illness of her child just made things get really crazy at home this one time (not that that's an excuse) or if this is an on going thing...off to research, I just gotta know.


It comes down to trust for me. Trust the the most important part of ANY relationship. Without it a relationship is superficial.

There are many people I love, but I don't trust them, but there is no one I trust that I don't love.

I liked your post. I dig it when people call it like it is.

Nice to see you blogging again. Sorry we will miss you at the Triathlon this year....next year maybe?


I agree with what you said. It's all very sad.


that's too bad....like you said, if you claim something, you sure as heck need to try to walk within that claim. So sad...


Well, you know what they say about shitting in your own backyard....some people are better at packing their poo, however, eventually, the bag breaks, leaving a pile of crap at their feet....Karma, deffinately yes!!! Sad too, that the 'sheeple' you mention feel the magnetic pull towards these 'illusionists', but I guess that just emphasizes the term of those of a feather flocking together.....Submissiveness via violence is horrible, but permission to 'flock', granted!! And....tee hee hee....I can NEVER picture you EVER being submissive about ANYTHING EVER!!!!! tee hee


Always a day (or month) late, but I'm pretty sure I know who you're talking about, and having just caught up on her blog, I agree with what you have said. And FTR . . . you have more than *1* follower - lol!

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