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October 19, 2009



HEY! Glad to see you are still alive out there! I've missed you! (and yes, I do check your blog almost daily to see what you're throwing out there....heh!)

(((hugs))) I'm so sorry things are hard again right now-I know those out of town trips are such a strain on you. Hang on to the moments with the kids to get you through this week. You'll find
*it* again, just keep on keepin on.
Love you-hang in there!

(oh, and it's your blog-say whatever you want!)


(((hugs))) You HAVE been missed! I hope that you and TGYM can find that common ground again.

Angela Poe

I love you and want to hear what you have to say regardless of how oogey it is.


{{HUGS}} Hope things get better. I don't always remember to get on here but I do think of you all.


Many MANY hugs, and MUCH love....I feel for you more than you know, and only hope that things improve and get better...Deep despair and darkness? Mine just returned from almost 2 months of "attempting to find himself" after a very shitty 2 yrs back frm deployment, to be told that he wants a divorce, leaving me n Thing 2 in the lurch....He admits to being selfish (a start), and I cannot begin to describe the deep-seated hatred, resentment and annimosity that i am feeling at this time....I too, despise happy people at this time, not because it's personal, or that they're happy, just because their lives are good and mine is shit.....shut-down mode wants to start, and valium is keeping the panic/anxiety attacks at bay, but for how long, I don't know....On top of this, he has VOLUNTEERED to do another deployment, to help him get away.....Now I ask you, WHO did I piss off and when, and when did I kick the crutch out from a crippled person to deserve this shitty Karma????  Love and support sweetie, and I wish you the best..... Hugs, luv, n smooches!


Sending you love, joy and light hon.


{{{HUGS}}} I'm sorry that you're feeling shitty about things. Life sure is a ride, isn't it? I hope that you and your other half can find some common ground again and that you find your groove . . . I miss you!!

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