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May 14, 2010



It was worth the wait....


WOW! A post!! I would like you to know that I check in nearly every day to see if there is a post (I go down my list of friends who's blogs I follow). Love hearing about how things are going with you.


Glad you are able to be staying there where you love it so much! Your Italy pics are beautiful! And I have to say that Brian and the dog in the snow-too cute! Love you!

Angela Poe

You may not blog often... but when you do I am never disappointed! :)

I love you mine seester.


So wonderful to SEE you! What a great catch up and YEAH for the sweet kiddos doing so well!


I've missed you!!! Maybe someday I'll update my blog. LOL!


Yeah, it is nice to see you again. Love the pictures, and great short and sweet of it all. The kids are as beautiful as always, and the same can be said of your photos.

Jamie Meitl

YAY....I check often. I know you're a busy momma but I love reading your updates!!


So fun!

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