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March 15, 2011



Sorry you've had such a rough go of things. You will always have friends who love you out here in the middle of nowhere! Well, we love you anywhere, we just happen to be in the middle of nowhere. ;)


I have to agree with Catey!! No matter how crazy your crazies get, I still love you and your little world!


I do know how you feel.....I tend to really.... um.... "attach" (for lack of a better word) to a person and then feel horribly rejected when they do not feel the same.... regardless of the fact that they have had their own "other" friends for years before me.

BUT, I have finally reached the point where I sometimes, don't care..... sometimes.... well, not often, but sometimes.

Just keep on keepin' on. (So cliche, but it seems to work here.)

Love ya!

Jamie Meitl

Oh dawn!! I've missed your blogs! And I'm so sorry you're having such a hard time. Know that all of us are always here for you...heck it's goin on 9 years now for some of us right?! Keep your chin up and know that you're loved!


{{{Dawn}}} I've missed your blogs too!! I am so sorry that you're having a rough time. You are VERY loved, and are VERY important to me! You are a great friend to me! Hang in there!!!


Why are you so damned hard on yourself? If I came to you with all of these things and said them about myself - what would you say to me??? Well, why is it any different??

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