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September 02, 2008



Awww...I can only imagine! I still have 2 home, but boy was it tough to send Gav. They just don't seem big enough do they? You'll find your groove SOON!


((hugs)) Love you! No words of wisdom...one day I'll come to you for those!

(thanks for checking in on me the other day!)


I hardly remember what it was like to be home alone. We were going to immediately start a family once we got married, so I quit my (hated) job as soon as we both had health insurance. Of course, I wound up being a housewife for 7 years. Now, though, I cannot even imagine not having them here all day long. *hugs* Good luck figuring it out and finding a comfortable place, my friend!

Angela Poe

you just made me cry happy/sad tears!! I am so happy for Eli, to be going along the adventure of his life. But I am so sad that you feel sad and lost right now. It won't last, you'll find what you should/want to do next. :) You'll find something, you're very creative. *hugs*


A hugely monumental event..... I remember that feeling oh so well.... I think that Ms. Hadley had it correct....It's not sadness though....He's continuing on the path that you've shown the way for, and by the pic, he was gang-busters to do so...No fear. You readied him, and you did well.... You won't always feel the foreigner in your home....I've still felt that the days are entirely too long as a stay at home mom with no one here to 'mother'....It will ease....Be proud....You've done wonderfully!!!!


I completely feel your pain on this. My little Banshee and Spidey-boy are both in school this year as well. Spidey started back on Tuesday - goes every morning, and then Banshee starts on Monday. I was a mess on Tuesday when the bus whisked Spidey (and Drama Queen) off, and couldn't stop crying when the teacher was here for the at-home meet & greet with Banshee. UGH! You'll find your groove soon enough - and before you know it, you'll be wondering when you'll find some idle time. Hang in there!!

The Freed Family(Matt,Tina,Zoey,Nate,Elianna)

{{HUGS}} I have no idea how it feels to send off your last baby since I still have one here which is why I didn't totally lose it with Nate. I did get choked up cause I was scared for him with all the on his own stuff I he needed to do and I wouldn't be there to help him. Anyway I wanted to cry as I read your post that was me when I first took Nate to PreK 2 yrs ago and I'm sure that will be me whenever Elianna starts. You're very talented and creative you'll find your calling soon.

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