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September 16, 2008




Sorry to hear that.

I agree completely with you, I would be "slobbering mad" as well, and it wouldn't be pretty.

I would tell the driver something along the lines of "You touch him, I touch you....GOT IT?!?"

Even broken German should understand that.

Go Run.


I have to agree with Aaron...that is T-Total crap!

Angela Poe

they have cameras on the buses here... oh... and think about the voodoo


I would have been furious and after many years of living in Germany and watching local national bus drivers smoke while driving young children around and my own campaign to have that stopped I can relate somewhat to your frustration! Got Get'em!


Ooh, I would have been livid. You have every right to be. Shaking an indignant fist in the air on your behalf and I hope she gets fired.

The Freed Family(Matt,Tina,Zoey,Nate,Elianna)

OH wow I'd be steaming mad too. I sure hope they do something about her soon. {{HUGS}}

Angela Poe

you know what else sucks.... when a blogger doesn't post an update on a situation and leaves their people hangin. ;) just kidding.... kind of.... love you!!


So sorry that they basically laughed in your face about it. I think I'd have to be throwing out some threats at that woman!!

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