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September 09, 2008



What, pray tell, is her Angry Music? Mine was NIN. HA! Of course, I pretty much listened to it all the time so I was always angry.

My Pre-pubescent child is emotional and moody right now, too. Phooey on them.

I totally chickened out on the last post. I admit it, I'm a coward. LOL There wasn't a whole heck of a lot I disagreed on other than the pro-choice thing. I don't think anyone deserves the right to choose to kill another human being, and as murder is against the law so should abortion be. That's my story and I'm stickin to it. ;-)


OK, so I laughed a teeny bit and you can remind me of this in 12+ years when it happens to me.

Funny about the big girl panties...


Heidi...I am not sure exactly what she was listening to, up there. She is kind of an emo kid...so probably Bullet For My Valentine, or something. My angry music was about the same as your angry music;) I think that everything is so watered down, for our kid's generation. heh

See...and I am definitely not pro-abortion...but I don't like to cram my morality down other people's throats, ya know??? Thanks for being brave enough to share your thoughts, though:)


I don't generally like to cram morality either, but I guess there are some things that I'm not afraid to stand up and say "Hey, eat this."



Oh boy-fun times! We are getting little tastes of what's to come....poor Aaron is going to be shell-shocked. He grew up with just the one brother and has NO idea what he is in for. heehee My dad will probably thoroughly enjoy watching him! :P

And hey-kudos for being able to remember just how cool she is-even when you are in the midst of this!

Angela Poe

heheheheee..... It's a good thing that I don't have a Thing 1 type creatuer.... I prolly would have laughed right in her face and that REALLY wouldn't have been good. Of course I'd be a little pissed if someone stole my Breaking Dawn book too.... it's entertaining. :D


Yeah...laughing in her face would NOT have been a good plan. I know what makes her tick, because I am as short tempered as she is...but it is really hard to watch! I guess I really owe my family an apology;) heh


Shell shocked?! I think not. If anyones shell will be shocked it will be the girls when I come down on them like an anvil from the Road Runner cartoons.

Women need to control their "hormones" just as much as men. Sorry, but they do. This attitude crap and sulking around and crying about meaningless stuff is ridiculous. Suck it up and pull up your "big girl panties" (I am going to use that one to the grave) and learn that other people don't need to adjust for them, they need to learn some self control.

I dug your last post. I am a political junkie and Catey hates it. I understand why she does, I get really worked up. A friend of mine told me this morning that nobody likes to debate with me because I don't just argue the point, I start to attack and then make you look and feel stupid.....well people who debate me should feel stupid....they are wrong!


UNGH! I jsut almost spewed Coke Zero onto my monitor!

And Aaron...you are SOOO screwed when Malia and Alaina are teenagers:)

Punk Rock Dad

The stealing of an Ipod is a shootable offense in my hood.


Ah....fun times, fun times!!!! I chuckle to myself....Thing 2 is so WAAAAYYYYY much easier/mellow than Thing 1 EVER was!!!!! She was pure evil!!!! Poor Hubby came out of the pool one day with a bewildered look on his face, saying, "I don't know what happened.....I actually saw 'the change' come over her, right there....IN the pool....Only thing missing was the spinning head and pea vomit!!!".....Yes, he was scared..... Good luck with the dealings of, and I LOVE the 'big girl panties'!!!! Why didn't you come up with that YEARS ago???? I KNOW Thing 1 would've heard it constantly!!! Ha ha....Love ya!

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