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September 15, 2008



Go running.

I have found when I have lots of pent-up energy from anger, rage, excitement, whatever, it helps to do some physical exercise. Do it until you are exhausted.

As for the bus driver, she needs to chill out. I would just keep calling until you get someone that can do something.


Oh NO she didn't!!!!!! My mouth dropped open when I read that! I hope you can get this resolved.


Completely unacceptable. Ugh. Will you let us know what the asshats in charge say? *hugs*


OH my gosh!!! That is SO not right! I hope you are able to get to someone who can set her German butt straight! Prayers for you.


I am so sorry that happened. I've been there, and it is awful knowing that someone hurt, or at least in theory threatened to hurt your kid. I hope whoever is is charge actually does something about it!

Angela Poe

hmmm.... are we too Christian for voodoo?? I mean, it's for a good cause right. ;)


oh my WORD!!

heads are rollin'.

The Freed Family(Matt,Tina,Zoey,Nate,Elianna)

OMG I just can't believe what I just read. How dare that woman I don't care what a child does there's NO call for that.


YIKES!! Well, you KNOW what I would have done. WOW! So sorry that this happened. Hope things can get resolved.

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