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September 12, 2008



Good luck on your goals! I'm like you, I have to set some goals or have a daily schedule of some sort or I just walk around getting nothing done. I suck like that. I could go back to bed for the entire day, I think. Losing weight: I really think portion control and getting up and DOING something is where it's at. Depriving yourself sucks (says the lady that can have no dairy *sob*) but just eating right and eating smaller portions of the right food is what I've seen most of the top physical trainers recommend.

You go girlie.


Good luck with your goals...I'm sure you'll do fantastically.


{knuckles cracking}
Oh BOY! A challenge....love it.

Of course my comment was playful banter. However, you misunderstand my comment on a "swift kick to the head" and the "dumb as a box of rocks" comments. Both are just how I play, I like sarcasm and I certainly don't mean any hurt, it is all playful. When I deliver heat, you won't wonder if I am playing or not. I doubt you could ever do anything to make me bring the heat, only three people on Earth have done that....I don't think they would do that again.

On the politics I don't think you are as far off as you think you are. You and I actually are very close on opinion....ready for my points? (ready or not, hear they come, I will post them in the same order as you have done)

1 - "I hate politics."
So do I.
This statement will make my wife choke because she would want to know why I spend so much energy over them, but it is because I believe there is right and wrong and I stand for what I believe is right. Others do too, but I am right they are wrong.

2 - "I am a Christian. My views are liberal."
I too am a Christian, but I am conservative.
From what you have written I don't think you are as liberal as you tout. I know a little about you from listening to Catey over the years, and I think you like to stir the pot (liberal MO) but overall you are conservative. This is not reverse psychology, I really believe that deep down, if you took a step back and looked, you find yourself closer to the right than left. (I could be wrong and am willing to admit when I am)

3 - "I believe in the right to free speech."
Amen sister. I too may not like what is being said, but I don't think I have the right to shut you up.

4 - "I believe in the right to practice whatever religion floats your big, fat boat."
Amen again.

5 - "I believe in the right to keep and bear arms"
Again, Hallelujah, amen. I gave Catey a pistol for Mothers Day one year...beat that.

6 - "I believe in the freedom to assemble."
I think the exact wording is 'peaceable assembly'. I agree as long as the 'peaceable' part is followed. I have no issues getting together, but when that becomes destructive and dangerous, then I think protecting the public's common good is more important.

7 - "I believe in the right to petition."
All for it. Sign your name, let your voice be heard. I never think it is a waste.

8 - "I believe in the prohibition of unreasonable search and seizure."
This is where we start to differ a little, but just a little. I don't have anything to hide so I don't care what the government hears on my phone....however, that does not make it right. I don't want them doing it, but I think the patriot act has some merit. (Notice I said 'some'.) Of course in a 'moral' society this wouldn't be a problem, because the government would only target those that SHOULD be targeted. But we have learned from sad experience that if you give government an inch, they take fifty miles or more. This is a slippery slope of issues and overall I would say I agree with you when you allude to get rid of it, but then what do we do to protect ourselves? This is bad all the way around.

9 - "I believe in the prohibition of cruel and unusual punishment"
This one we must agree to disagree. This is a difference of opinion. My opinion is that the enemy is just that.....the enemy. Tell me what I want to know or I will make you think you are drowning, keep you up all night, starve you to exhaustion. My family and country are at stake and you are a known enemy combatant. I don't care how much you hurt. Sorry, that is how I feel.

10 - "I am 100% anti-war-in-Iraq. This war was built on a big, fat lie."
Respectfully, you are wrong. Allow me to explain. #1 - A lie, is when you know something is A and you say it is B, or you knowingly mislead people. Bush didn't do that. He had the same intelligence that Russia, France, Turkey (all people who helped IRAQ for years) and Brittan, Australia, and Canada had. We went into IRAQ because the data told us they were setting up for something huge. The data was wrong. This didn't make him a liar, this means the data was incorrect. Now ask yourself, if 7 different reliable sources say something IS happening and you get there and it isn't, then one of two things happened...A - everyone was just wrong (unlikely) or B - the data changed. My guess is that Saddam moved the stuff to Pakistan, Iran...somewhere...but I have no proof. #2 - Bush is an oil man. If you have oil wouldn't you want to restrict the supply so your oil becomes more valuable? Staying out of IRAQ would have made his oil holdings more valuable and he would make more money. He went in there to free up the trade to reduce the price....your logic is incorrect. OPEC controls the oil and the price. Thank the heavens that the Saudi's have left OPEC as of Tuesday. Maybe we can get normal prices again.
Overall, you may hate the war, but you can’t hate it for the reasons you site. I think the lives of thousands of Americans are worth freedom from tyranny, hundreds of thousands if need be. I think it is unfortunate we are still there and most of that isn’t mis-management, but problems with a people not ready for democracy, and not willing to stand up for freedom, they have never had it. We grossly misjudged their abilities to take control, and desires to be free, that is nobody’s fault.

11 - "I am 100% pro-military."
God Bless those who serve their country. Again a big AMEN sister!

12 - "I am pro-choice with pro-life tendencies."
No you are not, read your own statement, you are pro-life..and therefore we agree on this one. There are extremes on both sides but your platform is very close to my platform. You really made me stop and think on this one, better than anyone ever has, and I appreciate that. I think in the cases of Rape, Incest and health of the mother, the option should be open. God forbid my wife or daughters ever need to make that choice, but in those cases the 'choice' should be open. Where I don't think women have the 'RIGHT' is when they CHOSE to make a stupid mistake. Women have a right to choose to keep their pants on, abortion should never be used as a clumsy form of birth control. The problem with the whole process is the 'moral society' issue again. People should have the right to choose in life, unfortunately people don't. Why should government get involved...they shouldn't.

There, out of 12 subjects, you and I are in lock-step for 9 out of 12…..75% . Not bad at all. Of the other three we disagree on two (based on opinion) and on the other one I just think your facts are wrong. The two where our opinions are differing is where I playfully call you dumb as a box of rocks, but the other is where I think you need a kick to the head....but can we still be friends? I sure hope so.

I think very highly of you for your opinions and ability to project them...even though we may not see eye-to-eye sometimes.

I congratulate you on your goals to start working out. I know you read my blog and have therefore read the Triathlon challenge next year in August. I don't know if you have the means, but Catey and I would love to have you for a couple days when you come to compete with us. I think you will be ready in a year.

Half mile swim
12 mile bike
3.2 mile run

You can do it and I would love to meet you in person.

I won't blog this long in the future, and I apologize to others who may have labored through this dragging post, but I thought it worth the time.


I must amend #10 - I said "He went in there to free up the trade to reduce the price", when what I 'meant' was "Going in there would eventually free up trade" I don't think oil had any reason for Bush pulling the trigger on IRAQ. If it did, we would have seized the oil fields and started production for ourselves.

Sorry for the misrepresentation.


Awesome goals, Dawn!!! In the words of the Chuckster, "You gotta want it." And it sounds like you WANT IT!!! I'm cheering you on! Please keep us all posted on how things are going!!! (of course you will, why did I even type that?!!) Hugs!

Angela Poe

you are teh awesome. :)

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