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September 03, 2008



You know I steer clear of religion and politics too. ;)

LOVE the pottery! Those teacups are NEAT!! Looks like you hit the motherload.

Did you get your package yet?


How great! I was wondering how the trip went-thinking I must have gotten ahead of myself and that you hadn't gone yet or something!

This is not helpful for a girl with a dish fetish! Especially since the herd has broken a ridiculous amount of my favorite pattern lately and it's getting harder to replace... Maybe I'll just pop over to Europe and go shopping with you!

Love your finds! And I would totally put that giant tea pot in my yard-I'm loving polkadots right now! lol

Oh, and as for the big woman of the moment-I'm thrilled. People are picking some weird stuff to pick on (her husband being previously registered as third party?). I'm also finding it extremely ironic that her 17yr old daughter is pregnant but they encouraged her to NOT get an abortion, especially in light of Obama's comments about to the effect of 'if my 16 yr old daughter makes a mistake she shouldn't have to be punished with a child' as far as his opinions on abortion. Did you catch my post on Aaron's blog? Love that a woman is coming in to save the day! ;)


Love the pottery, Dawn! I think the pattern on the tureen is my favorite. As for politics, I'm impressed to have a female running for VP, but I am opposed to the particular female. Then again, I'm also one of the people who doesn't like Obama and mourned the day Hillary didn't get the nomination. My individual voice simply doesn't count in this country.


I hate politics...so let's skip right past that! :) Let's talk Polish pottery instead! You really did some damage!!! Good for you! I know you'd been really looking forward to this trip! I very much enjoyed your photos!!!

I hope you're doing okay with all the kids being away at school...As you know, I'm not quite sure what the feeling is like, but I can imagine it's hard...I'm thinking of you and sending you a hug.


Yay for pottery!!!! You did fantastical!!!! I'm so glad you did the trip, and I know you're just drooling at the thought of the next one!!!! Congrats on your treasures!!!!
I've never been interested in politics, until we got here......This woman has done so MUCH for our state!!! She broke up the good ol' boy network, much to the dismay of....the good ol' boys.....It mustive been time for a change tho', as the people placed her in office.....We've still got a couple more of those good ol' boys to oust...(you know, the Senator and Rep who're under investigation????)....... We're proud as heck to have her get selected.......I think she'll be true to the people of our country.....as she's been to her people here...........She's good ol' fashioned folk.....a mother who incorporates her family into work......(she made it to session w/the baby just a couple days old....WITH her)....She drives herself.....saves the State $$ that way.....same with flying.....She's done away with alot of the 'expenses' for her possition....Who can fault that she doesn't believe pockets need to be lined by the peoples' money?? That's our take up here, anyways..... Love ya!

Angela Poe

So glad you had a good time on your trip. You look like you hit the mother lode there. The patterns are all phenomenal, it makes me want fun dishes. :) As for politics, I don't tend to discus them on public forums.... that being said, I do find it exciting that a woman has been chosen as Mac's running mate albeit I think she was chosen for the wrong reasons. She may be just fine for the job, but I think Mac and his boys chose her to get the "vagina vote". All in all, this year is sure to be historical, we'll either get a African American president or a woman vice president. Either way, I think that it is a step forward.


BEAUTIFUL pottery . . . I'm envious. I have tons (although not polish!), and want more, but I'm scared to put it out or use it because the little people aren't as careful as I'd like them to be. As for politics . . . the US election is something that quickly makes us scramble to turn the channel - F-A-S-T ;0P

The Freed Family(Matt,Tina,Zoey,Nate,Elianna)

Awesome pottery. Glad you had such a great time. I have no clue what's going on in the politics world this time around and I feel so bad for it.

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